cookingSome are healthy cooking methods which help to retain the nutritional value of the foods and also do not contribute to higher calories. But there are some cooking methods which multiply the amount of calories than what is consumed in the raw form of the ingredient used. If want to lose weight and prevent a pile up of pounds, you must avoid such cooking practices.  

The health effects of unhealthy cooking practices

All of us are aware than an excess intake of calories results in weight gain. Accumulated weight gain leads to obesity. Obesity is a risk factor for heart diseases. Unhealthy cooking practices like frying foods increases your intake of saturated and Trans fats, thus doubling your risk of stroke, heart attack and other cardio vascular diseases. Use Nutrisystem discount offer to buy diet food that are devoid of trans fat and saturated fat. There is also an increase in the calories consumed as a result of eating fried foods. 

Some of the cooking practices that add to your pounds are: 


Fried foods contain a greater amount of calories. For example, when you bake potato, it contains 160 calories and just 1g of fat. On the other hand, you fry the potatoes to make French fries or chips out of the same, the calorie count increases to around 430 calories and over 23g of fat. Most fast foods are fried foods and that is the reason many of us are piling on pounds due to excess indulgence in junk and processed foods. Some oils used for frying release carcinogens when heated to very high temperature. A severe impact of eating such foods is falling prey to cancer. 

Use of hydrogenated vegetable oils

The use of margarine is widely prevalent. People are guided by the misconception that butter adds on to excess calories. On the contrary, use of margarine and saturated vegetable fats is very unhealthy. Foods made using such fats have a high concentration of both saturated as well as Trans fats which have the effect of raising the levels of bad cholesterol. Higher levels of LDL in blood lead to stroke and coronary heart diseases. There is also a high calorie intake as a result of eating foods made out of such fats resulting in weight gain. 

Adding lots of refined sugars

Refined sugars contain calories and the more quantum of such you intake, greater is the chance that you pile on pounds. Excess intake of sugars can also lead to spikes in blood sugar levels culminating in diabetes. 

Too much of salt

Excessive intake of salt causes water retention in the body which consequently leads to weight gain. Too much of salt also leads to hypertension which can trigger sudden heart attack.

Eating while cooking

One of the worst practices is to munch while cooking. In addition to eating while cooking, you also eat a full meal when seated at the dining table. With the result, there is a higher calorie intake which ultimately leads to pounds piling up. 

Ensure that you follow healthy cooking practices like grilling and baking and limit your calorie intake through restricted use of oil, salt and sugar.